Liberty London

Fashion Week

Window Display for London Fashion Week

These striking, colourful displays were created using our Spangley-boards and strong geometric patterns of coloured discs. So eye-catching!

In preparation for London Fashion Week we wanted these displays to be as fitting for the occasion as we could possibly make them! At Spangleys we are experts in glitter and shine, and that is what we made sure there was lots of for this display.

Even though each window display carries some similarities, they are also vastly different. We wanted to use our 25 years of experience to our advantage. Our expert team worked together to differentiate our window displays, but to also make them work well together. We did this by combining our knowledge and skills.

At Spangleys we understand that window displays are essential for any business. Passerbys are often drawn in from a successful display and they will then most likely purchase something in the store. It is in the first 3 seconds that someone walking by the window display will decide whether to go in or not.

We are excellent at creating eye catching displays, and we know it. It is there that our sparkle and shimmer works best. By creating a window display using spangley-boards and strong geometric patterns we were able to be very successful in our work for Liberty. When it’s time for London Fashion Week next year, keep Spangleys in mind! We will transform your window display into an eye catching piece of art!

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