I Feel Pretty: Movement and Shimmer

We are really proud that our Reflecto-boards were used recently for this amazing backdrop for the UK screening of I Feel Pretty at the Picturehouse Picadilly in London’s West End?

But why do our products create the wow factor for the everything from the latest release to shop windows, billboards and everything in between?

Simple. We are tapping in to millions of years of evolution. Our brains are hard-wired to notice movement in case it might be a predator and, according to scientists, shiny things remind us of our constant need for water.

But don’t take our word for it- listen to the science!

“Movement attracts attention and causes us to pause and assess its relevance to us, while lack of motion does the opposite. Is there any wonder why signage with motion garners 400% more eyeballs than traditional signage?”

So, a static sign is much less likely to catch our attention; to the modern shopper, it simply becomes part of the environment, like wallpaper.

That’s right, 400%! And apparently the effect is greatest when the motion is random or unexpected. Just like our Reflecto-discs.

The Human Brain: Hardwired for Motion