A new site and a new start!

By Spangleys

Welcome to our brand new website – the new online home of Spangleys! On here you can find everything you could want to know about our products and the difference it can make for your displays & signage. We hope you enjoy navigating it as much as we have!

Our portfolio is now bursting with all our latest projects and biggest installations, so you can see the most dazzling Spangleys displays all in one place. If you’d like to see them elsewhere though, we’ve got great news: We’re relaunching our social media campaigns! You can now check out all the light and motion on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, where we’ll be showing you the best of our latest work and looking for your opinions on the best visual display advertising you’ve seen. Our passion is making visually striking, innovative displace spaces shine, and we’re always open to seeing the best of the rest in the marketplace. If you just can’t get enough of us online though, we’re also buzzing to be at the Visual Marketing & Display Show next week. When the brightest brains in the industry get together to show off you know we’re just itching to get amongst the crowds and start rubbing shoulders. Spangleys have been used in so many different contexts and our fellow Visual Marketeers are as responsible for changing the advertising landscape as we are so if you’ve got the time to get to the Business Design Centre April 5th-6th, we highly recommend you squeeze in a lap of the exhibition hall – you’re guaranteed to see something you didn’t expect.

It’s been fantastic to reinvent ourselves digitally, but if you’d like to see more of our hard graft don’t forget you’ll also be able to catch us on Instagram for some behind-the-scenes action, under construction and wiping the sweat from our collective brows. We’ve always been big believers in hard work paying dividends and to see our company growing is ultra-satisfying when we look back at the hours we’ve all put in. Thank you if you’ve been part of the journey here and if not we look forward to working with you!